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Defence Pills- Against Flu
Defence Pills- Against Flu
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Defence Pills- Against Flu - $39.00 USD


Defence Pills should be first choice to protect yourself of  flu's , colds and other winter illness including the extreme flu viruses such as bird flu , swin flu. Defence Pills can be taken as a preventer to those flus and illness, it will help you to protect your body and stay healthy by supporting your immune system and your metabolism all  winter  long. It will also help you for a quick recovery of those illness.Defence will also minimize flu symptoms like body aches, cough, and fever . Defence Pills can be taken both as a preventer or as a treatment of flu's symptoms.

How does Defence Pills  work?
The first mecanism of Defence Pills is to boost immune system increibley and the second main effect of Defence Pills is to help body neutralizing viruses. Defence Pills will  support your metabolism's natural ability to neutralize the activity of the hemagglutinin spikes found on the surface of some types of viruses. When these hemagglutinin spikes are deactivated the viruses can no longer pierce cell walls or enter the cell and replicate.
Is there any side effect?
Generally Defence Pills are well tolerated by people howver if you are on a medication or having specific health problem consult your doctor before using Defence Pills.

Each bottle contains 90 pills.
(take 1 pill daily or 6 pills daily during acute symptoms)

What do the pills contain?

* Elderberry extract
* Echinacea extract
* Vitamin C
* zinc oxide