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Cock Torch
Cock Torch
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Cock Torch - $119.95 USD


Cock Torch is developed to provide you amazing personalized sex satisfaction, we have designed the best sex sensation tool for everyone use, it is produced from a special  artificial silicon with a very similar  sensation of a real skin. The external part of Cock Torch has been developed in a manner that it can be put anywhere in the house or where ever you like to bring it without any doubt of suspicion. Cock Torch has an appearance  of an ordinary Torch.
Cock Torch is a very flexible device that not only  you can use it for masturbation but it is also possible to introduce it  into couples sex play , many couples sometimes use sex toys while tey are having sex , it is possible that your partner use  your Cock Torch out on you as  a stimulator or for an easy climax if the man has difficulty in climaxing while he is in the vagina.

The inside part has a very natural sensation like you get it into warm water to bring it up to body warmth, your cock will consider it as a real vagina, ass or mouth. That is why we have made 3 different inner parts so that you can taste various sensations while masturbating.

3 inserts (Butt, vagina, mouth)are provided in every standard package of Cock Torch Sex Device.