HERBAL NATURAL PRODUCTS - Passiflora Herbal Tranquilizer - Passiflora capsules(pure passion flower extract)
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Passiflora Herbal Tranquilizer
Passiflora Herbal Tranquilizer
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Passiflora Herbal Tranquilizer - $34.00 USD


Passiflora Capsules(Pure Passion Flower Extract)

We have created a new herbal mood enhancer and tranquilizer made of pure passiflora extract aka passion flower which is a well known herbal remedy to overcome any anxiety ,nervousness, sleeping  disorders. Passion Flower is  also good for asthma, menopause symptoms, palpitations, heartbeat irregularity, hypertension, premature ejaculation etc..

Each F300 capsule is made of 300 mg Passiflora Extract (Passion Flower). In each  F300 bottle there is 90 Passion Flower(passiflora) capsules. Take one capsule a day .

Warning: Dont use Passion Flower Capsules with certain MAOI Anti depressant medications or CNS depressants and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are on a medication or have a mental illness, please consult your doctor before use.