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Female-Libido-Enhancer-Femgasm - $59.95 USD


Herbal Female Libido Enhancer

Femgasm is a powerful female libido enhancer formulated of ancient chinese herbs that improve the libido and orgasmic pleasure of any woman.

If you are a woman suffering from sexual dysfunction or just want to improve your orgasms, we strongly recommend you to use  Femgasm which is perfectly  formulated to overcome the sexual dysfunction in women and enjoy a more pleasurable sex life.

Femgasm is an herbal formula based on an ancient Chinese recipe, specifically to increase woman’s libido, her vagina moistening and boost sexual satisfaction.
Dosage: You can  take 1 capsules daily or 2 capsules 1 hour before sex. Femgasm pills  can be swallowed whole or dissolved in a drink.

Femgasm contains a blend of potent herbal aphrodisiacs which are very effective in enhancing female libido:
Horny goat weed (Extract)
Damiana (Extract)
Muira puama (Extract)
Tribulus terrestris (Extract)
Pipper Nigrum(Extract)
There is 60 pills in each  bottle of Femgasm.

Femgasm is a pure  herbal formula  and you should not experience any adverse side effects if taken as suggested, except you will require sex almost immediately. If you have any serious health conditions or are on medication check with your doctor first. Do not take if you are pregnant.